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We have a commercial store with several products for sale.
Quality products that contribute to our customers satisfaction.

Roofing, Drainage and Waterproofing
Sloped roofs with Ceramic tiles, synthetic, liquid and bituminous waterproofing, drainage and geotextiles.
Thermal and Acoustic Insulation
Extruded and expanded thermal insulation, air and impact acoustic insulation.
Masonry and Prefabricated Cements
Traditional and thermal ceramic bricks, prefabricated in concrete.
Mortars and Cementitious Adhesives
Cement, mortars for masonry, plaster and paving, construction adhesive cements and technical adhesive.
Steel Products
Electrowelded mesh and nets, ribbed rebar, galvanised and burnt wire, nails.
Hardware, DIY and Garden
Hardware and miscellaneous tools, DIY and garden items.